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Household Electrical

Socket rewiring and replacement

Household electrical services from LoveridgesVery often it is difficult to find electricians to do the small repairs. At Loveridges we are only to pleased to undertake these repairs. For example, new circuits laid, sockets and switches replaced, as well as the larger jobs.

Consumer unit replacement

The consumer unit used to be called the fuse board. Over the years many regulations have changed including  the introduction of safety devices called RCDs and RCBOs,  which can be life savers. If you've never heard of these terms or if you have traditional fuses of or fuse wire, Loveridges can update your unit/board to current standards.

Electrical inspection condition reports

Sometimes you're required to produce an electrical inspection condition report (EICR) some people request them for peace of mind. Our electricians can carry out these inspections and provide these reports using are straight forward menu pricing. Then if required provide quotes for any remedial work.


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